In a workshop you learn how to use the senses as a moderator to express your associations around a brand. This is helpful to create new insights, multisensory concepts, an experience program and strategy for Brand Alignment. This is just an impression of what a workshop could look like. Our workshops are tailor made, so for every client we develop a new workshop format. 

In a lecture you learn about the philosophy of Senta: the Experience Strategy. Items that will be presented are Brand DNA, Association Network, Multi-Sensory Concepting, Character Profiling, Format Scripting, Internal Branding and Brand Bonding. It is also possible to ask for a tailor made presentation for your company. 

In a seminar you learn from case studies, you meet new people, discuss and interact with other marketers in a pleasant experience. Senta organizes each year a few seminars of its own; look at the agenda on the homepage for the first upcoming event. We could also help you with the hospitality, script and multisensory experience of your seminar.

Trend Report
In a trend report you will get an explanation of the philosophy of Senta accompanied by a lot of inspirational examples. The trend report has already been written for the lifestyle orientated branche, but it is also possible to ask for a tailor made trend report for your branch or company.   

Shop Tour
In a shop tour you will go with your company to a city of your choice. Amsterdam, Antwerp or London are one of the examples. We will show you the most inspirational shops and give you different kind of assignments to learn about Format Scripting, Experience evaluation, DNA Stars and more.